Factory Automation launches new website

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

AMETEK Factory Automation, an established leader in linear and rotary position feedback solutions, has launched a new global website: www.ametekfactoryautomation.com 

The new website invites users to experience the full range of linear and rotary feedback solutions, cable and hose carriers, and industrial brakes offered by AMETEK STC all in one place. Some of the recognized brands that AMETEK STC manufactures and supplies to a wide variety of industries include Gemco, Gemco Industrial Brakes and Catrac.

Among the new features of www.ametekfactoryautomation.com is the Knowledge section, which provides helpful tools such as application notes, video tutorials and general brochures. At the Support section you can find our certifications, accreditations, and technical suppport.

The backbone of the website is easy navigation, which allows users to find what they are looking for in virtually no time!

The new website covers linear and rotary feedback solutions, PLS/PLC and Network Modules, Cable and Hose Carriers, Industrial Brakes, Safety Products, and Control Relays for a very wide range of industries and applications.

“Our new website marks a big step forward  for AMETEK Factory Automation, especially in our ability to communicate the broad array of the innovative solutions we provide, stemming from our many years of experience,” comments Blake Cawley, Product Manager at AMETEK Factory Automation.